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summer 2019

cti balloons
who we are

CTI has been manufacturing metallized balloons since 1977 and was the first company to introduce and mass produce the product into the marketplace. Although others have entered the marketplace, CTI maintains its position as a leader in development, design, quality and innovation. CTI also manufactures a large selection of latex products, such as punchballs, twisties and waterbombs. CTI's latex is offered in a variety of colours (crystal, standard, metallic, pearl) and "all-around" printed designs. CTI products are sold in the United States and in over 30 other countries.

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balloons are our business
our process

All metallized balloons are manufactured at CTI's plant in Barrington, which includes everything from making the film to the finished product. CTI designs and makes much of its own equipment including conversion equipment, photopolymer plates and manufacturing heads. The printing process is conducted at CTI's facility on advanced 8-colour equipment that provides the highest level of graphics and increased line speeds. CTI's manufacturing facility is among the most advanced in the industry. CTI is the only producer to utilize water-based inks in its printing operations that are environmentally safe.

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