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summer 2019

Latex balloons

Latex balloons is an inflatable object which is made from natural rubber. This type of balloons begun as a special metal mold and a vat of liquefied latex rubber. The bulb shaped molds are then lined up on a conveyor belt system all in single file. The Molds are firstly dipped in to the vat of latex, this will cover the mold in a very thin layer of the rubber. As the series of molds move through the air they begin to dry and curves. A machine will then roll one end of the balloon and then through this hole a puff of air is blown in to the mold. The rolled end of the balloon can that be used to inflate the balloon and add air. The balloons can be inflated by a number of different ways that most popular is the individual blowing air in to the rolled end of the balloon. Alternatively the balloon can be attached to a canister where either compressed air or helium is put in to the balloon. Balloons will inflate to many times of their original size although if to much air is put in to them they will explode. Unlike the foil balloons that are also available balloons made from latex can be stretched and manipulated in to different shapes by balloon artists. Thin and long balloons can be twisted and shaped in to different animals, party hats and flowers balloon artists can be used at children’s parties.

CTI Balloons Ltd are leaders in the market and were originally founded in 1977, with years of experience they have continued to grow are a company. Back in 1977 they begun to mass-produce metallised balloons this is when they were first introduced in to the market place. However as the company has grown they now sell a wide variety or other products including a range of latex products such as balloons, waterbombs, punchballs and twisties. The metallised balloons are manufactured at the manufacturing CIT plant in Barrington, this includes everything from making the film to the finished product.

Weather you require balloons for a children’s party, wedding or celebration or even for advertising purposes come and look at our full range of Latex balloons today, we have products that will suit everyone’s needs and requirements. Contact us on 01788 546299, alternatively contact us via email on We aim to respond to all of our customers emails as soon as possible. Our UK offices are situated on Rugby Warwickshire.

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